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About us


My-Cardia provides a 24 x 7 monitoring service featuring innovative devices and software to simplify 30 day event monitoring for both patients and physicians.

My-Cardia uses a small discrete footprint Auto Trigger ECG recording device worn by the patient for up to 30 days. The monitor can record both patient activated ECGs as well as asymptomatic events detected by the on board analysis algorithm.

The my Cam device is single use – each patient receives a brand new monitor and there is no need for the patient to return the device at the end of the recording period.

Recorded ECGs are easy to transmit using either a land line or a smart phone. ECG reports can be reviewed and/or printed using our cloud-based software which can be accessed from computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Our mission is to provide innovative technology tailored with an excellent Monitoring Service and by that to elevate patient quality of care and providing the Physician with the best tools to practice best service.

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