My-Cardia is a new ECG monitoring service dedicated to making extended ECG monitoring simple for both patients and physicians.

my Cam ECG recorder

Our innovative my Cam ambulatory ECG recorder is extremely small and convenient for patients to wear and use. The monitor has a single button for recording and transmitting ECG events and does not require batteries to be changed during the recording period. In addition to patient activation to record ECGs the device features an auto-trigger algorithm that can automatically record the ECG if it detects atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, bradycardia and pauses. The algorithm can also detect if a lead has fallen off which greatly reduces false positive ECG recordings. The patient can transmit recorded ECGs using both land line and smart phones.

My-Cardia Web Portal

Our cloud based web portal provides easy and secure access for reviewing and or printing reports from anywhere. Information can be viewed using computers, tablets, and smart phones. Patient enrollments are completed using the same online portal.

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